Innovative membranes for wine and beer

Cheers!  new taste non alco beers and wines arrived!

Proud to welcome innovative solutions for breweries and wine producers from Hydranautics.

With response to the market demands and non alco products consumption tendention as well increasing demand to use healthier products, each brewery or winemaker facing with challenge- how to remove alcohol from product at most effective way.

The biggest issue- save taste and color of non alco products while alcohol removing process goes.

New innovative solutions from Hydranautics #Hydranautics RO & NF membranes demonstrated perfect results in wine or beer production processes getting final products with saved color and taste. Therefore, minimization of process costs (energy and water consumption) making great influence to final costs of end products as well.

Using membrane filtration technologies from  Hydranautics  possible to produce required quantity of dealcoholized products from already fully fermented wine or beer. On that way breweries or wine makers can save costs of production, cost for stocking or logistics and can react to the market demand with fresh product case to case.

In comparison with earlier used thermic distillation or stopping fermentation process,  Hydranautics DEALOK membranes allows customers to remove alcohol from wine or beer on most sustainable, economical, energy save and effective way.

Alcohol remove process with Hydranautics  is based on FULLY fermented products filtration allows save color, taste and get highest quality products on most effective, cost- saving way.

Within products developing process made thousands of tests on labs as well final membranes testing in breweries in Czech Republic, USA, Japan, partially tests in one of Lithuania breweries. After final products tests all users mentioned rich color and taste of final products as main benefit.

Using technologies offered by Hydranautics opens up even greater opportunities for brewers and winemakers to respond to the needs of the market for healthy and high-quality products in an most effective tasty way case to case.

Looking for sustainable solution for the production of a new generation of non-alcoholic products?

Contact us, and together we will find the right solution for you!

ProcessPro  have been an authorized partner of Hydranautics in the region for more than 8 years!

What do we offer?

*Technical support with the team of manufacturer’s technologists’ case-to-case, thus ensuring the most effective solution for your process

*process calculations and modulations

*products selection

*Technical supply and logistic direct to your site

*Equipment assembly and production, installation and commissioning at your facility**

***there are additional conditions, the details will be agreed case to case