Water treatment systems, service and components for industry

We are water technology and industrial services  development company headquartered in Kaunas, Lithuania(EU).

Our core technical team has worked together for over 22 years’ on various projects and eventually established the company under Procesu sprendimai ProcessPro brand name in 2015.

We offer solutions for water treatment technologies: equipment, systems assembly and installation on site, systems engineering and services, project procurement services, industrial components supplies  for various  industrial systems.

Being the resident of Lithuania, convenient location for business and logistics issues worldwide, we are proud of having maintained over the years productive long-term cooperation relationship with producers, suppliers for technologies and components  from the USA, Europe and Asia on  partnership or representative level.

With services we provide for industrial clients, we could be named as technology service startup,  but we called ourselves as  group of industrial engineering services, systems, technologies and components  supply team.
We focus more of our attention on the quality and reliability of our services and  prioritize services that save our customers’ time and money , as well  provide them with quality products  the most.
  • We are familiar with daily problems as faces technical staff in sites to ensure continuous process and systems operations
  • We understood priorities of your industrial processes as you manage on sites
  • we have no boarders to solve your site problems with lack of components: lack of filter media for process separation as out of stock? no problem, after 30 hours you will have it on your stock, directly shipped from producer workshop.
  • For process separation you need to renew one unit membranes, but existing proposals are out of your budget? we will select and propose you alternatives as will correspond your budget  and technology requirements, because we faced with such situations  each day and owe great  partners  and producers stock situation online database.
  • you are working on mechanical water separation projecting, but faced with a dimentions and space limitations? we will propose you solution with compact  self-cleaning automated mechanical filtration systems  as will manage you problem.
  •  working on municipal volume water treatment  project and looking for  solution? we have producers, technologies  and solution providers as will  calculate your process, propose tailor made solution and technologies made under your requirements. Lead on installation and start up on site available on request.
  •  you are service provider for commercial enterprises? and looking for  just one  pressure boosting pump?  here is no small order fees,  each order is the same important for us.
  • you are industrial projects developer  and looking for subcontractors for  water preparation lines?-we will calculate  and propose  optimal solution , will  supply and install technologies on site.
  • your family are tired from poor quality water from your tap system? yes, we will make water analysis and propose solution just for your family  because domestical segment also is very important .
  • Necessary your systems inspection and service? our service team ready to visit site, make inspection and  testing, if necessary will propose required components and replacement jobs.
  • Looking for valves, flowmeters, mechanical filtration units, dosing units, various filter media for your processes? procurement specialists  will find required components, verify technical part and propose you all necessary components , organize logistic from any  place to your site if necessary. If required, replacement jobs will be done also.
  • Looking for water treatment chemicals or dosing units for processes in your lines? chemical water preparation specialists ready to propose optimal products and solutions, will calculate dose, verify water analysis and flow calculations.

Wide range of  components and technologies, long year experiences in industrial water systems services and installation, procurement specialists experiences  with supply of volumed  industrial projects , experience on managing  and optimization of costs- all this experiences we joined to Procesu sprendimai.

Technologies, components, solutions, services. Stable, reliable, competitive.

 Our experiences and competence- your production processes quality ensure. Just PROCESU SPRENDIMAI. CONTACT US