Cost efficient microfiltration process with enhanced performance  of multi- channel ceramic membrane tubes? Yes, it is possible to have in your site !

ProcessPro team presenting  very actual  products  range – ceramic membrane tubes- widely used  in a range of industries like biotechnology, food and beverage, electroplating  and other segments.

Ceramic membrane ensure ideal  separation of substances from liquids in processes, where  required thermal stability, chemical compatibility and high mechanical strength of  filtration elements within  harsh condition filtration process.

Take a photo look to process-from technical selection as per client request -via production process – up to loading in workshop -and ready to be shipped overseas.
It took less than three weeks and order already on a way to client!

Service as we offer fully closed industrial client demands:

*powered and selected producers exactly as per process demands
*quality control in each stage of production and logistic
*delivery to site
*wide range of water and media process solutions and components

Looking forward to serve your site demands! ProcessPro-Engineered experience and procurement from one roof