new installation or unit repair? Which way is more effective? Story about pressure vessel

Sharing  short service and procurement engineers groups  case story,  how client  save budget with Process Pro

Pressure vessel   was in operation more than 20 years as sand filter system unit on  aggressive and hard process water sand filtration system unit.

 After inspection on site were stated, that inner covering of vessel was fully destroyed as well as distribution system is out of operation together with blocked filtration media.

 Due to limited budget and very special production process as required non-stop process operation and limited space for new installation,  temporally were made non standart solution -while vessel is on duty (out of operation) to fulfill repair and re-installation jobs of pressure vessel inner covering locally without breaking of production process for long hours.

Our service team fulfilled this target within very short period. Inner cover layer materials selection, whole system components supply were lead by UAB Procesu Sprendimai ProcessPro  within short time while mechanical preparation jobs were made.

Due to very special demands for inner cover layer inside, were selected special materials to recover pressure vessel after cleaning and sand blushing inside processes. New solution  will provide high surface resistance and quality of covering according required   strict demands and standards . Second stage- distribution system dismount and new system installation jobs completed within half a day.

Sharing look from inside, how „out of operation“ pressure vessel can be repaired and saved client budget-just one case of simple cooperation where we focused on target -to make client satisfied , be on budget and win-win.

We cant tell that possible make such things on each case with mechanical pressure vessels, but this situation and vessel damage option, service team professional inspection and process understanding  allows to accept this solution and save end user costs and time.  Its is not about that old repaired vessel will operate long years again as new, but its temporal solution and budget saving case while  client will be ready for new investments.

Short summary:

Pressure vessel  repair time scheduler and specification on site (EU)

  • Pressure vessel: 20 years of operation on site : Carbon steel , Diameter- 2 m and cylindrical height 4 m.
  • Distribution system: High quality KS Bottom distribution system set with laterals and accessories calculated and selected for new installation-calculation and selection, ordering and delivery -7 days
  • Inner cover materials: Hempadur 35560+curring agent set -ordering and delivery-5 days
  • Service, inspection , system distribution mounting jobs, put into operation -UAB Procesu Sprendimai ProcessPro  group -2 days
  • Old cover layer cleaning and sand blasting inside-made by client itself.

New mechanical pressurized filter vessels

We are authorized partner of mechanical filtration units producer in region  as working in this area more than 35 years.

High standards of production, projecting, testing  processes , experience in non standart project  worldwide allow us to be proud to be partners of professional high quality product producer. Plenty of project with strategic European companies in municipal area,  food processing, heating networks, breweries, power industries — it just small  area where our  pressure vessels put on operation with great success

Standart diameters : D-1400 iki D-3500**

*possible non standart technical options as per client case and project requirements

Calculation-projecting-production-delivery to site

Engineering experience-competence-professionals in supply chain-experienced service and production groups-quality and economy of your processes

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