In order to ensure high and stable quality for drinking water, for well water cases, we strongly recommend to install a compact drinking water preparation system – the drinking water system, as could be 5 or 6 levels of cleaning.

Such type equipment prepare water only for drinking purposes – mechanically removes up to 98% of all harmful substances, viruses, bacteria , harmful salts, nitrates, nitrites, heavy metals, toxic substances as could appear in well water and cant be remowed with simple compact water treatment equipment.

In most cases may occur that surface water and ground water often influence quality of the well water as you get. Could be that harmful impurities are not detected within the analysis of the water, but after rain season, they often enter to the well water from groundwater and influence water quality as need to be specially treated additionally.

Compact Mini drinking system prepares water only for food consumption and ensures stable prepared water capacities.

Five-six stages of targeted, reverse osmosis water filtering technology reduce impurities and improve taste of water and let you enjoy life.

Such way prepared water also ideal for drinking, coffee and tea, for cooking, ice cubes, baby carrying, house plants, for steam irons and thousands of applications where you need excellent quality of water.