Clean water for all type houses

In many cases we getting enquiries  about possibility to install water softening systems  in smaller area houses or in family houses where are limited  space for  such installations.  ProSmart Slim series compacts softeners provides comfort water so in most cases our answer is YES, its possible !
In order to save space we recommend to install ProSmart Slim series water softening unit, as are quite ergonomic,  and could be installed in limited area space with no influence to system capacity or quality of prepared water.
According to required capacities, several types of ProSmart Slim softeners could be installed.  Suitable for standart 2-4 person  families with continuous  use of water for family purposes. Preparing whole house system water as well drinking water fro9m tap water.
If family  house equipped with well water or borehole water, need additional analysis of water parameters before choosing of right solution.
Photo below-   systems installation for 3 members family house with limited space of bathroom /Lithuania, Kaunas reg.
Installation: ProSmart Slim Mini type of softening unit. Project  2021/1 q.
System outside dimentions: 42*22*65
We are your choice in every case! Water analysis, systems choice and installation in site!
For  wholesalers or dillers  we have special offers for quantity orders!
Possible shipment to all countries!
 Please contacts  us for more information if interested to get a quote!