Ceramic membranes- way to save process budget and reach effectiveness


  • looking for membrane solution with high mechanical strength and abrasive resistance membranes?
  • Resistant to high temperatures?
  • Long working life and low cost?
  • Wide pH tolerance, resistance to organic solvent, oxidants, acid, alkali?
The answer is-yes!
Let us present the answer-ceramic membranes- porous fine ceramic filters sintered from Al, Titania, Zirconia. Ceramic membranes working as cross flow filtration unit.
Compared with other traditional filtration units like filter press, centrifuge, ceramic membranes have high advantages in excellent stability for chemicals, solvent stability, thermal stability and much more.
  • Our supply range of ceramic membranes pore size: 0.8μm,0.5μm,0.2μm,0.1μm,50nm,30nm,20nm,10nm
  • pH range: 0~14
  • compression strength: 1.0M
  •  membrane area: 0,0095 up to 0,53 m2/psc
It is the best choice if you are looking for compact, high permeability economically based solution for your processes whatever it is- laboratory separation or full-size industrial needs (broth fermentation, pharmacy, juice production, emulsion wastewater filtration, seasoning filtration lines, wine, draft beer filtration processes.
Continuous cooperation result with strategic process supply- one more batch of ceramic membrane tubes, carefully selected as per process needs -already on a way to client site.
Few previous deliveries with batches of ceramic membranes as already put on site process showed excellent results of filtration and stability.
Membrane elements reached great effectiveness of process and overcome expectations, so decision to involve more elements to existing other lines was made shortly.
Excellent product performance, stability, friendly costs, stable quality — this is results of process service as we provide for valued client this time.
Looking for smart membrane solutions for your processes? Contact us and we will find common way to reach it!