VNX Ultra new generation

New EDI product launch- VNX Ultra

We have exciting news from our  valued partner Ionpure with launch of new generation of Electrodeionization (CEDI) product.

Within 35 years  after first debut EDI product for industries,  Ionpure  hasn’t stopped innovating   and develop  solutions with electrodeionizaton  solutions  for industries and commercial segments.

Procesu sprendimai  proud to be a partner for such innovate  solution provider  and proud to present to our customers  latest news on first lines of our newsletters.

Newly launched VNX Ultra  module  is unique with the  highest BORON removal EDI tool on the market.

With single pass VNX Ultra CEDI module  reaching  level of ultrapure  water as  mostly used in microelectronic.  Standart silica and boron removal with this CEDI is 99,8 % as the highest  Boron removal  level.

VNX Ultra module is built on succeed of earlier presented  proved quality IONPURE  VNX EX  CEDI platform. New launched module generation expected to provide proved records for semiconductor industry users and can be used as proved tool to reach tangible value for industries with water systems makeup  using  costly boron selective resins  or other single use resins.

Module already available per standart orders. In case of interest to get more details or  system selection, you are welcome to provide inquiries with parameters or demands as will be handled by our specialists and issued  effective proposal for your case.

Just reach us on any suitable way and will get all offer within shortest time.

 Technical details of new type VNX Ultra   CEDI please find here: ION-VNX55ULTRA-DS-042622 PP